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Address: No 1 Epping Road North Ryde.
Mechanical contractor :Triple "M" Mechanical services.
Consultant: VOS group consultant engineers.
Builders : Fletchers

Duration :Oct-2000 start, March-2001 finish

We have designed drawn and built all the MCC's (20-of) The system was controlled by a BMS/DDC supplied and installed by Doust and Henry, which we had to provide in the MCC's the terminals and link for a proper function.

We have completed our work six weeks ahead of schedule.

The building consisted of 3-Basements, 4-office floors and the roof.

Ventilation was achieved by 1-(37 Kw)Supply air fan and 2-(37KW) Exhaust air fan. All fans operated in smoke mode as well as in normal operation. All fans were wired in Star/Delta.

Office floors.
Each level (base building) had 2-plant
rooms with 2-Floor water cooled package
air conditioning units, which were
assisted with 2-return air fans. The units
and fans were controlled by variable speed
drives. The zoning of the floor were
achieved by the use of VAV's fitted with electrical duct heaters. As for the tenancy work each area had a ceiling mounted water cooled package air conditioning unit complete with electrical duct heaters.

Roof plant room.
It consisted of (base building) 4-Twin cells Cooling towers and 4-(37KW) condensor water pumps. (tenancy) 2-twin cells cooling towers and 2-(11KW) condensor water pumps.

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